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How Covid-19 Research Will Shape Healthcare

Dr.Toni Perez is a drug development expert with more than 30 years of experience internationally. He is currently involved in multiple research projects on COVID-19 and other clinical-stage companies. He shares with Maya Zlatanova, CEO of FindMeCure, his expectations from the ongoing clinical trials as well as how healthcare is changing thanks to the pandemic.

How to measure patient enrollment (on budget and on time)

There are many questions when planning a clinical trial. But one of those questions is the main one: How many patients can we enroll? And the answer is everything but straightforward or easy to provide. Yet, answering this one question could mean the world to a biotech startup that just raised its funding and gives …

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Digital transformation driven by COVID-19 pandemic

People adapt to social isolation during Covid-19 and find ways to stay connected to one another and get their work done. The clinical research industry can also adapt and keep moving forward by leveraging technology to keep operations going. Watch the video to find out how Covid-19 is driving this digital transformation.